Dog: Zues – Beaufort, SC

Dog Zues - American Pit Bull Terrier
Dog: Zues (American Pit Bull Terrier) – (02/25/2003 – 02/24/2010)

We are so lost without you my big beautiful boy.  These seven years went by so fast and we can’t believe you are gone.

Every room I walk in, I see you.  It’s hard for me to walk inside the house, because you were always wagging your tail, looking out the window with Jayde, waiting to greet us.

You without a doubt were the best member of our family, as you gave us your unconditional love every day.

I loved coming home to your hugs and your endless kisses.  You were the best part of my day; every day.

Thank you for always being there for us, you were and will always be our best friend.  I loved going to sleep every night with you lying right next to me.

This has hit us harder than anything in our lives and we are so sad.  I feel like I don’t even want to wake up anymore.  You were such a huge part of our lives and we are finding it hard to function without you.

I can’t believe you left his world the day before your 7th birthday and losing you so soon breaks our hearts.  You were supposed to beat this cancer and come home to us.

I miss you begging for food, playing with Jayde, petting your soft fur and rubbing that big belly.  To this day I can still feel your soft fur on my palms as I pretend to pet you.

You loved playing Frisbee and most of all driving me crazy with you going outside 100 times a day.  Bubba, we love and miss you so much and our hearts ache every day.

Just remember you left your paw prints on our hearts forever.  We love you like no other.

“A Letter Home”
Author: Anonymous

I’m safe here and I’m happy.
I have lots of space to run.
A cool, clear stream of drink from,
And a deeper part for fun.
The grass is long and lush and green
With flowers everywhere.
The air is clean and always warm
And spring is in the air.

I’ve made a lot of friends here
Who were crippled once, like me,
But I wish you could see us run now,
We’re restored, we’re strong and free.
But don’t think I don’t miss you
And all the we’ve shared.
I know you’re sad and hurting,
But remember that I care.

So try to be happy for  me
Until we’re together again,
For I’ll be waiting patiently
For you …. my most loved friend.

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