Dog: R Jack – India

May 18, 2010 Pet Lover 2

Dog:  R Jack (German Shepherd) – India (04/01/1998 – 05/15/2010) My pet dog R Jack, my well wisher,and  family member (my younger brother) who lived for my family and for me took personal care on every one. Born on 01.04.1998.  Father was a German shepherd and mom an Alsatian.  Passed [more ….]

Dog: Zues – Beaufort, SC

May 7, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Zues (American Pit Bull Terrier) – (02/25/2003 – 02/24/2010) We are so lost without you my big beautiful boy.  These seven years went by so fast and we can’t believe you are gone. Every room I walk in, I see you.  It’s hard for me to walk inside the [more ….]

Cat: Tini – Spain

May 5, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Tini – Spain (Died 05/02/2010) Tini was a beautiful female pussy cat. She had to have a leg amputated several years ago after a fall but never stopped her getting into mischief. She had a beautiful nature and always loved a little kiss goodnight. I will miss her for [more ….]

Dog: Trevor – Merrimack, NH

May 3, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Trevor – Merrimack, NH (09/24/1998 – 05/02/2010) My beloved dog Trevor is the Sheltie that inspired Sheltie Nation and the Sheltie Forums. This poem is in loving memory of Trevor.

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Dog: Jake – Richmond, BC Canada

May 1, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Jake – Richmond, BC Canada (03/31/1996 – 04/17/2010) Jakie (Flat Coated-Retriever) was a gentle, loving soul. He always let us know he loved us and we always let him know we loved him unconditionally. Jake was our loving family member and companion. We swam, hiked, canoed, fished, camped, ran, [more ….]