Dog: Jake – Richmond, BC Canada

Dog: Jake – Richmond, BC Canada (03/31/1996 – 04/17/2010)

Jakie (Flat Coated-Retriever) was a gentle, loving soul. He always let us know he loved us and we always let him know we loved him unconditionally.

Jake was our loving family member and companion. We swam, hiked, canoed, fished, camped, ran, wrestled, slept and took long walks just to be together.

He could tee up golf balls and put three tennis balls in his mouth at once. We always said that if he could express one wish, it would to be let loose at a driving range so he could “fetchum up” or “get the golfs”!

We are devastated and in shock at the prospect of not seeing you each day, hearing your big voice or feeling your warm tongue on our faces.

We will miss your wagging tail at the sight of us, your nose pressed against the patio door or rolling on the grass with your tennis ball between your paws.

We will love you forever and will never, ever forget you sweet boy.

You were tired and it was time.

All our love forever,
Namaste buddha-boy!

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