Cat: Peaches (Diluted Tortie) – San Francisco, CA

Cat Peaches (Diluted Tortie) - San Francisco CA
Cat: Peaches (Diluted Tortie) – San Francisco, CA (05/10/1996 – 07/19/2007)

She was the best.  Peaches was the one that I thought wouldn’t need me, but she did.

She would butt heads with me, just like a big lion or tiger.

When I brought her home from the SPCA and started calling her Peaches, she would look at me like I was nuts and couldn’t be calling HER Peaches.

She also always had to have the last word and never learned the meaning of the word shut up.  Her favorite food was cantaloupe, but it had to be just ripe or she wouldn’t eat it.

I miss her so much and will always wish she were still here.

Animals are a gift.  And she was the best.

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