Dog: Beau – Princeton, NJ

Beau English Bulldog - Princeton NJ
Dog: Beau – Princeton, NJ (12/19/2001 – 05/11/2009)

Beau was an English Bulldog and was a kind, gentle soul.  He loved and enjoyed every day of his life.

He taught me to do the same.  I miss him every day.  He was my hero.

He loved to swim in his swim vest. His most favorite thing in the world, next to me.

I hope in some way I was able to give him as much love and peace that he brought to my life.  I wanted him to stay longer.  I needed him and I’m quite lost without him.

Beau English Bulldog - Princeton NJ

I pray that he is basking in the sun, perhaps swimming in a pool under a beautiful blue sky waiting for me.

A piece of my heart stopped beating when Beau passed and I will never ever be the same without him.

I Love You Beau … We got each other.
From your Momma, Kelly

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