Cat: Sadie – Milwaukee, WI

Cat Sadie - Milwaukee Wisconsin
Cat: Sadie – Milwaukee, WI  (05/29/2002 – 04/05/2009)

Sadie was the most loving cat a person could ever have. She was very playful, observant (she paid attention to EVERYTHING I did!) and had a keen sense of when tuna was in the house.

One day I had bought tuna…I had not opened it up yet and Sadie sat right in front of the fridge till I did!

We would play with toys; one of her favorite activities was we would play dice together. I would throw the dice and ask her what we threw!

The day before she passed, she jumped high in the sky, meowing and smiling.

I know she is looking out for me and is here with me…but it will be hard to sleep in the same bed she spent her final hours with me in.

I will always love you, Sadie.

Cat Sadie - Milwaukee Wisconsin

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