Dog: Misty – Denver, CO

Dog Misty - Denver CO
Dog: Misty – Denver, CO  (02/10/1999 – 03/21/2009)

In Loving Memory of My Sweet Misty

Oh my dear Misty, how I miss you so. My heart is so empty without you. We had a very special bond between us. A bond that can never be broken even though you are no longer physically with me.

You will always be in that special place in my heart and in my soul my Misty. Thank you for all the love and devotion you have given to me throughout the years. I could never have repaid all the joy you brought to my life.

I love you so much my Misty. I am so sad and lonely without you. This house, my heart, is so empty. How can I live without you? When you came into my life ten short years ago, I could not believe what a special gift you were. That I deserved such a wonderful creature. You were my world and will always be.

Everything deservedly revolved around you and your comfort and happiness. Your happiness was my true happiness. We did everything together, everything Wherever I went, you came with. My constant companion, my friend.

Thank you for all you have given me. I will never forget you. I love you so and miss you so much.

Take care of Grandpa now and go for long walks on the beach together. We will be together soon. I love you my dear Misty. You will always be my little baby girl.

Love, Mommy

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