Dog: Kirby – Newport News, VA

Kirby Lhasa Apso
Dog: Kirby – Newport News, VA

We got Kirby before Christmas one year and we all loved him. When we picked him, there we so many to chose from, but this one stood out to the family.

Kirby was a dog that everyone loved to be around. I remember how Kirby used to play with my pet guinea pig and that made me happy.

The day that Kirby died was a very sad day for me. I remember how my dad was taking me to a babysitting class and as we were going down the street the dog was following the car.

Then the dog ran under the car and got hit by the tires. When I heard the sound, I knew we had hit him, but I was praying that he would be OK.

My dad put the dog in a blanket in the back of the truck and then took me to my babysitting class. While I was at the class my dad took the dog to the vets and the vet said that there was nothing we could do.

My dad then came and got me out of the class and told me that he was dead, and I broke down crying, I decided to leave the class and just come home and cry.

In the end we decided to cremate him and I miss him so much. Kirby was a friendly dog that I loved and that I have many fond memories of.

Kirby, we are all thinking about you and are always in our hearts and I wish that you were still here.

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