Dog: Woolie (Indian Desi) -Patna, Bihar (India)

Around 3 AM on 14th April 2019, I lost my brother. Our family is never going to be the same again. We started with a family of 4, became 5 and again back to 4, but there will always remain a “woolie” shaped hole which no other dog can ever fill.

In his last hour, he was with his mom much he made everyone love him we simply can’t describe it. My father (and his also) carried him in arms and gave him a proper burial.

I felt like crying but when I saw my parent’s face, I was forced to hold back the tears. We will always miss you and our life will never remain the same without you.

For me, LOVE is what I had for Woolie. R.I.P. bro. Maybe if God so wishes, we will be united in the afterlife.

In loving memory of brother Woolie.

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