Cat: Fifi (Domestic Long Hair) – Toronto, ON Canada

Cat: Fifi (Domestic Long Hair)

Cat: Fifi (Domestic Long Hair) – Toronto, ON Canada (2005 – July 13, 2018)

It is with great sadness and grief that we announce the passing of our sweet muffin, Fifi as a result of the advanced stages of mouth cancer.

We rescued Fifi and her brother from a lumber yard where it was obvious that someone had dumped their unwanted kittens, who were still at the nursing stage and both of whom had eye infections. Despite this, Fifi was fiercely protective of her brother during the rescue, who was so weak he could not even lift his head.

Since that time, Fifi decided she never wanted to go outside again, and instead enjoyed the comforts of home. She amused us with her playful biting of any finger waved at her, and that she loved to sleep on plastic bags. If we were in the basement doing chores, she would come up to us, meow in an almost talkative way, and try to lead us back upstairs, either for a cuddle or a treat.

She was one of the most gentle, beautiful creatures I have ever met an even as I type this, I am tearing up yet again. My sweet baby, you are so very much missed.

We love you, sweet monkey!

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