Dog: Brutus (Pit Bull/Boxer) – New Mexico

Dog: Brutus - Pit Bull / Boxer

Dog: Brutus (Pitt Bull/Boxer) – New Mexico (Jun 1, 2005 – Jun 21, 2018)

Brutus was 13 and the best friend I’ve ever had. We traveled cross country to NM to be in the sun, we were growing old together. He rode on my lap the whole way, 1700 miles.

In mid Dec. 2005, I was standing in my driveway when this little brindle puppy, well maybe not that little 6 months old appeared from nowhere and was standing in the middle of the road. I slapped my knees and said well come on and he ran and jumped right into my arms. Most strays run the other way when you call them. Fortunately it was a very slow country st.

I figured he had to belong to someone he was in excellent condition. Turns out an older lady up the road had rescued him from a horrible fate at about 2 months of age. He was found tied up in the v of two tree limbs so if he had fallen he would have hung himself. I just get sick at the thought of it, as well as the thought of the evil people whoever they are who put him there.

The lady went on to explain he was too much for her and he had been listed on pet finders but not one person had replied. Then she said would you like to have him. I couldn’t believe it cause I already loved him to pieces.

We had a great life together. Everyone in town new that dog. We were joined at the hip. My life revolved around him. He did have a few behavioral issues we never could fix so I just didn’t bring him in contact with his triggers, and didn’t allow anything or anyone at my place that would upset him. I never minded.

He and I had a bond that I’ve never experienced with another living thing and don’t expect to again. It was Bruties world and he came first and everyone knew it. But he gave me a lot in return. We knew what each other was thinking, when we were upset, happy, sad, worried, etc.

We felt it. We knew what the other would do 15 seconds before they did. He was always at the door waiting on the odd occasion he couldn’t come with me, and all I wanted to do was go home and see him. We had each other’s backs always, and it just happened like that. He wasn’t trained to do this he did it because that’s who he was.

From the first night I had him till the night he passed away in my arms at 13 yrs, June 21, 2018 3am Mnt.time he was in bed under the covers like he always did. He would put his paw on me and it meant lift up the blanket I’m coming under.

He was very vocal he had a certain bark or chirp for everything he needed from me. A biscuit,to go out, to play, it’s feeding time we honestly had our own communication system. The night the house caught fire it was Brutus who stood over me barking and smacking me with his paws to get up. I didn’t loose the house and no one got hurt cause he was on it pronto.

No one believed it till they saw it. It was true and real because it just was. The only thing I ever taught Brutus was to catch a piece of food, even from across the kitchen or into the other room. He never missed but a couple times a year.

This will be hard to get through. That’s who I went to and curled up with good times and bad times. There will never be another you Brutus and I will miss you forever. Not many folks ever are blessed with what I was blessed with when I met you in the middle of that road, Dec.19,  2005.

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