Cat: Whiteone – Siamese Mix (Whittier, CA)

Cat: Whiteone (Siamese Mix)

Cat: Whiteone (Siamese Mix) – Whittier, CA (Sep 25 – Jun 19, 2018)

Whiteone was a fun loving cat, who was more than an animal … he was family. During his time here with us he would would not meow. Oh no but squeak. Oh yes he would squeak a lot. If the window was open and he heard you or see you, he would squeak as loud as he could.

Wwhiteone loved the outdoors. When he was not inside laying on a lap, he was outside on top of the roof looking around and smelling the fresh air. Whiteone was a great big brother to Jack Jack (cat) Zeek (dog) and to his sister Penny (also a cat). He would often help clean his sister. He loved to be helpful.

Whiteone leaves behind his human family Dawn Hinds, Brian Hinds and his mom and best friend Ashley hinds. Whaiteone if you can read this you are truly amazing and will be missed greatly. Until next time buddy we love you – wawa!

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