Cat: Sylvester (Domestic Longhair) – Provo, UT

Cat - Sylvester - Domestic longhair

Cat: Sylvester (Domestic Longhair) – Provo, UT (Adopted Mar 4, 2011 – May 13, 2018)

You came into my life after your owner died in a fire. You were shy at first, with your singed hair. Then you became to trust me. You would meet me at the door when I came home and you would greet me with your Meow. I don’t know how old you were.

You liked to play and liked to sleep with me. But everything changed about 18 months ago You got sick and you didn’t have the energy you used to. You did your best to still wake me up and purr in my ear. You lost a lot of weight and hanged on as long as you could.

I will miss you buddy. You saved my life multiple times while I was going thru depression. Hope you are spending time with your old owner in heaven.


  1. It’s been almost a full day you left me, after a long hard battle with your health, I miss you moving the water bowl around the kitchen, your cuddles, and your purrs, Skuffie (My other cat) is missing his friend, and misses playing with you. Your passing has ripped a piece of my heart away and left a fissure in my life, You may be gone, but I will always love you, and will never forget you, You weren’t a pet to me, You were my family, Miss you lots. XOXOXO

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