Cat: Sage

Cat: Sage (Day of transition – Aug 26, 2017)

Sage chose this home almost 3 months ago now. We didn’t know where she came from. All we knew is that she loved the smell of the sage plant on the front porch. Belly rubs, chicken and fish flavored cat food brought her so much peace and joy.

We wanted to keep her in the house but the homeowner wouldn’t allow it. So we adjusted to her being an outside cat. Sometimes she would just look like a ball of fur when she was all tuckered out. She was so smart. I’m so hurt right now. I’m just so hurt. I hurt for her. Oh my, how much this family will miss her. She healed us and protected us til the end.

I cant help but feel loss inside. I found her this morning, in front of my window. I had a vision about the death of a cat that looked like her, two days ago. I’m just left with why …. why man! I know shes in Cat heaven. It still hurts though.

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