Cat: Moses Noah Creech (Tabby) – Flagstaff, AZ

Cat: Moses Noah Creech (Tabby)

Cat: Moses Noah Creech (Tabby) – Flagstaff, AZ (Mar 7, 2006 – Jun 19, 2017)

Moses went to rainbow bridge this morning. Despite our best efforts he continued to deteriorate. It is hard to see an animal you love suffer and wonder if you are only prolonging the inevitable.

Moses was found while Pam was on a 130 mile rainy bike ride. He was mewing in the weeds along a country road. My biking partner that day and I were on a rural road. The tiny kitten was placed into my friends back pocket as it had a zipper. As I rode my bike from behind, I watched the little kitten stretch his feet. He was coming home with me. I called Carrie to meet us to pick the kitten up. Moses has always been a very sweet cat. Delilah loved him as did the other cats. I will miss my sweet boy.

I don’t see this as failed prayers but as part of life. We all have a time. The one time Jesus wept was when Lazarus died, and then he raised him from the grave—but Lazarus eventually had to die again. I do believe that the life after this one is more real than this one. I also believe God is more real than we are. I’m not sure if animals go to heaven but some believe they do ( Carrie believes they do)!God bless you alll. Keep us in your prayers today. We are sad and will miss Moses. Moses is preceded in death by his older brother Scrappy

Jack who passed away May 9,2017 at the age of 19. He is survived by his mothers’ Pam Creech and Carrie, Brother Leo, plus sisters Delilah, Giavanna, and Isabella. You will always be in our hearts. Run with the Angels Moses Noah!

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  1. Very sweet looking tabby. Reminds me of my Bo-sephus who has been driving for a year and will get his voters card shortly. Ha! Ol’ Bo’s goin through some rough times; “as am I” However, I do believe our beloved pets join us in death. thank you. Lee-Tulsa

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