Cat: Jake (Domestic Shorthair) – Kingston, ON, Canada

Cat Jake - Domestic Shorthair

Cat: Jake (Domestic Shorthair) – Kingston, ON, Canada (2006 – Dec 5, 2016)

One fall day we went to the apple orchard to pick apples and we brought home so much more. Our farm cat from the county has been a joy in our lives. “Jakey” was our gentle giant.

His gigantic size also extended to his amazing personality. Happy-go-lucky, gentle tempered and a “momma” to all. None of our cats could escape being bathed and groomed by him.

We will miss your footsteps down the hall, the warm spot you left on the floor waiting outside our rooms and the way you stood on your back legs begging for treats (which earned you the name Jakey penguin).

Having to say goodbye to our babies does not get any easier and you are no exception but, feeling the ache of your loss is lessened by the smile on our faces when we remember you, Gentle Jakey.

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