Cat: Cinnoman (Maine Coon) – Albany, NY

cat Cinnoman

Cat: Cinnoman (Maine Coon) – Albany, NY (Apr 22, 1998 – Sep 30, 2016)

Cinnoman Puff Ruiz passed away on September 30, 2016 at 18 years old after leading a healthy and vibrant life. Cinnoman was born in Albany, NY, spent her formative years in Chesterfield, VA, and at nine years old returned to Albany where she lived out the rest of her life. Every human who had the honor of crossing paths with Cinnoman came to know how truly special she was.

Some of her favorite activities included: hunting vermin, speaking through classic Maine Coon trills, chasing Temptations Tumblers, relaxing on the kitchen table/counters/couch/bed/stairs/wherever she pleased, socializing with guests, showing disregard for personal space, updating her Facebook page, playing with her toys – especially the feather on the string and the purple sequin mouse, prancing around with her bushy tail waving through the air, and chicken pieces.

Cinnoman was a spoiled diva and enjoyed her beverages from people glasses and meals from people plates. Her dislikes included: car rides, belly rubs longer than 4 seconds, the vacuum, animals, getting dressed, and vegetables.

Cinnoman was predeceased by her biological mother Minnie Mite Ruiz, her biological brothers Bravo and Daddio (in addition to countless others), her adopted siblings Kristy Puff Ruiz and Puff Junior (PJ) Ruiz, and several of her great grandparents. She is survived by her mommy Lindsay Ruiz, her adopted daddy Sean Hachey, her grandparents, and several loving aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Cinnoman’s presence had a distinct grandeur that has left her house quiet and empty in her absence. She is sorely missed in the hearts of those who love her most. Her soul shall live on through pictures, videos, stories, memories, her remaining food that will go toward feeding hungry kitties, her toys that will see a new life with her cousins, each one of her hairs that is embedded in every article of clothing and piece of furniture she came into contact with, and her Facebook page:

In lieu of tears, please share your happiest memories of Cinnoman on her Facebook page so she can look at them whenever she>

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