Dog: Aerial (Labrador) – Wrightsville, GA

Aerial - Labador dog

Dog: Aerial (Labrador) – Wrightsville, GA (Died Sep 16, 2016)

Our loving pet dog Aerial was hit by a drunk driver in a maroon red truck. The accident took place in Wrightsville, on a near my home.

She was loved and will be truly missed. My family was blessed with such a wonderful family member pet in such a short time

We will always remember you my baby. Love you forever, Aerial. May you rest in Gods arms now, and take care my love! You are truly missed and loved!


  1. Tina,
    Aerial we miss you daily and are truly missed every day we think about you and I pray God deals with your enimies accordingly and soon, i pray he remembers and deal with the cruel person who hit and ran you off the road. But we love you and you were the best i miss you and love you always god bless,
    my pet and best friend,

  2. I will always miss you and love you Aerial you were truly my best friend and I will always love you to, sorry buddy no one cared to help you, i pray your in Gods arms now, and I pray no one will ever hurt you again and cruelly again to I pray!
    God Bless, I know my sister loved you the most god bless !

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