Dog: Piper Blue (Pettit Bassett Griffon Mix) – Maple Grove, MN

Pet Dog: Piper Blue (Pettit Bassett Griffon Mix)
Dog: Piper Blue (Pettit Bassett Griffon Mix) – Maple Grove, MN
(June 05, 2005 – July 11, 2015)

Like any great pet I think they choose us rather than we choose them and that is the case with our beautiful Piper Blue. My wife had seen a picture of dog on an adoption site and made an appointment to see the dog.

When she arrived, the dog barked at her and was not friendly at all! However another dog there, which was quite skinny with coarse hair, looking very much like a ragamuffin, walked to my wife’s feet and laid her head gentle against her hand. My wife was smitten immediately with this skinny disheveled looking dog.

But much to my wife’s surprise this dog had already been adopted.The new owner was coming to pick up this little ragamuffin later that afternoon. My wife was happy that someone had claimed this dog and was hopefully going to have a great home!

Skip ahead a few days later and my wife gets a call from the rescue group. The skinny ragamuffin dog was never picked up. No show and no call from the prospective adopted parents. My wife was so excited and she wanted me to meet this dog that she had to have.

I see this dog and at first I was a little skeptical. But then this ragamuffin of a dog looks in to my eyes. Immediately I sense an animal that has a sweet and loving nature to her. Her half blue and grey eyes telling me, “I’m the dog for you!” Well I couldn’t resist.

Piper tried to strike fear in to any UPS, Fed Ex or USPS carrier that stop by to drop off a package and she could be quite fearce but once she sniffed their hands everything was alright. Piper did not like thunderstorms or fireworks ever! At first she was terrible on a leash but then became great and she always loved her long walks with Mommy and Daddy.

Everyone in the neighborhood knew Piper and we were referred to as “Piper’s parents” if we happended to run in to a neighbor picking up mail or at a local store and they could not remember our names.

Piper was always a healthy dog but recently she seemed to be slowing down and not wanting to go on her loved long walks. We thought, “Hey she’s getting old” We guessed that she was about 10 years old. We assigned my wife’s birthday as her birthday also but we really didn’t know her age.

On Saturday, July 11, 2015 we found out our beautiful girl was not just slowing down due to old age but her beautiful heart was failing her. We could not watch her struggle anymore so we let her pass with her head gently against my wife’s hand as the relationship had begun those 8 years before.

Piper thank you again for choosing us as your parents and we will always love you!

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