Cat: Maxwell (American Shorthair) – Newark, NY

Cat: Maxwell (American Shorthair) Newark, NY (Died Jun 21, 2015)

Maxwell was adopted from the Humane Society of Wayne County NY in 2007 by a loving family of 5. Max was loved by his family and was able to have many fun adventures with them.

Max was a fighter through sicknesses. He fought most of them off except for one. On June 21, 2015, Max was rushed to an Emergency Pet Care service in Rochester, NY. Max was diagnosed with Acute Kidney Failure. Due to his diagnosis, he was put to sleep that evening.

We miss him deeply and he will always be in our hearts. Max was a loyal companion. He ran away a few times, but always returned. No cat could replace our Max. He wasn’t just a cat. He was a friend.

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