Cat: Gracie (Domestic Feline) – Browns Summit, NC

Pet cat Gracie
Cat: Gracie (Domestic Feline) – Browns Summit, NC
(Jan 9, 2013 – Apr 25, 2015)

Gracie was given to me as a very special gift. Gracie was my new emotional support animal for my Anorexia and she helped so much. She was my sweet little angel.

Gracie started showing signs that she was very constipated. I took her to the vet and they said she had a bad hernia that would need surgery in the next few days.

Luckily I found a foundation that assisted me in funding the surgery. They referred me to another vet within there funding capability. I immediately took her within the next few days.

They confirmed that unfortunately she did have a bad hernia and from her pushing so hard to go to the bathroom caused her to thin the muscle tissue which separates the lining of the stomach and the intestines. They scheduled surgery right away. I was supposed to pick her up around ten the next morning.

I received a call from the vet that did the surgery and he said the hernia reopened because of the muscle missing. He said he would do another surgery to fix it again and hope that it holds. The plan was to still pick her up at ten the following morning.

The next day the vet called me at 8 a.m. and the vet said that he had some unfortunate news. He said at about midnight she seemed ok. She was walking around before he left for the night.

(I expected him to say that the surgery hadn’t worked and I expected we would go over the next step). He paused for a second and then said Gracie unfortunately passed away last night. I immediately lost it. I’ve never had an animal as close to me as her.

He said it’s hard especially when it’s unexpected. However I myself don’t think anyone can ever understand how special she really was. It is like a piece of my heart is gone. I’m so heartbroken.

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