Cat: Obadiah (Domestic Short Hair) – Santa Clara, CA

Pet cat: Obadiah - Domestic Short Hair
Cat: Obadiah (Domestic Short Hair) – Santa Clara, CA (Nov 25, 1997 – Feb 7, 2015)

Obadiah began his relationship with me as a stray kitten who wandered into the backyard of the Bayshore Christian Ministries House in East Palo Alto. The director took him in, fed him, and posted an email ad to see who would adopt “Bones”, the name given to him by the director, because he was so thin.

I answered the ad and took him home on March 20, 1998. According to the veterinarian the next week, Obadiah was about 16 weeks old and weighed 7 lbs. Coincidentally, he left the physical world weighing only 7 lbs 1oz. (His greatest lifetime weight was 15 lbs.) Obadiah spent most of his life as a spoiled indoor cat but now resides in kitty heaven.

Euthanized after a long battle with stage 3 chronic kidney disease, and later liver inflammation, intestinal inflammation, pancreatitis, dehydration, anemia, hair loss, weight loss, and finally a suspected stroke which left him disoriented and unable to walk.

Obadiah’s remains were cremated at Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park in Napa and returned to me. He now sits at home in an urn where I can visit him every day.

Thank you for a wonderful 16 years, 11 months of companionship, joy, and love.

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