Dog: Raven – Black Lab / Shepherd Mix

Pet Dog: Raven - Black Lab / Shepherd Mix
Dog: Raven – Black Lab / Shepherd Mix (Mar 1999 – Nov 2014) – Vermont

Raven joined the Blueter family of three as a small puppy and was loved unconditionally. She grew with her girl, Autumn who was three years old and they found themselves best friends.

Raven loved every member of her family including the baby that was born in 2003. She could chase a frisbee for hours (or anything else for that matter) and often brought her family members sticks or rocks to initiate a game of fetch. Raven lived a long happy life full of love in northern Vermont.

She played in the snow and we often found frozen frisbees around the yard come spring. Her companion in her later years was a chocolate lab named Maple, the two played together constantly. Raven loved to curl up next to the fireplace on a cold winter evening and often sleep at the foot of her girl’s bed.

Raven passed away at Animal Medical Hospital after over three hours of seizures. She is survived by her owner Autumn (18) the youngest Blueter Tara (11) and her grandparents Tony (52) and DeAnne (44) as well as her playmate Maple the chocolate lab (5) and Charlie the cat (1).

You are missed every day and I will never stop loving you. I hope there is lots of wide open fields for you play fetch in heaven.

Rest in peace buddy, I love you.

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