Dog: Bentley (Lhapso Apso English Terrier) LaSalle, Quebec

Pet Dog: Bentley - Lhapso Apso English Terrier
Dog: Bentley (Lhapso Apso English Terrier) LaSalle, Quebec
(April 2000 – Nov 28, 2014)

Dearest Bentley,

So sad to see you go. You were mom’s best friend, her companion, her protector for the past 14 years and she cried so hard for you today.

You will always be remembered and now that your pain and suffering is over. I say rest in peace “sasquatch little man.” Wish I could have been there to say goodbye, but I think you know that I loved you.

We will miss your gentle expressions, good appetite, miss you running in the snow and will miss you so much this XMas. Miss playing football with you.

Goodbye Bentley we love you.

Mom & Natalie

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