Dog: Bruce (Chihuahua) – Malta

Pet Dog: Bruce - Chihuahua
Dog: Bruce (Chihuahua) – Malta (Died Nov 5, 2014)

A tribute to Bruce:
Bruce joined mum Sandra and dad Enrich at the tender age of just a few weeks. An unwanted Xmas gift and rescued in the nick of time from being taken to the SPCA, he was too young to feed by himself, so he was weaned patiently by his mum to become a strong and loving boy.

Nicknamed ‘cowhauhua’ due to his brown and white markings, Bruce was a good boy and brought great joy to his family over the years. He was showered with much love and attention, and the odd scolding when he misbehaved.

Later on in life he was joined by two other rescue chihuahuas, Lee and Tiny, who although he did not always see eye to eye with them, they were his half-brothers and were a part of his family.

As time progressed and Bruce grew older, he developed numerous ailments which necessitated him undergoing many interventions, taking a lot of medication, and also resorting to wearing a nappy. He also developed cataracts in both eyes and was completely blind for these past 2 years.

Despite his many ailments, which also restricted his movement, Bruce continued to be his loving self and moved on in life with an enthusiastic appetitite and an encouraging attitude to show the world that nothing can be an obstacle. As he continued to age and his illnesses started taking their toll, Bruce still showed a determination to live and love.

Month after month and with regular visits to the vet, Bruce reached the ripe old age of 15 years. During all this time mum Sandra and dad Enrich left no stone unturned to ensure that Bruce received the best treatment, care and attention that he deserved.

However, on 5th November 2014 Bruce was called by the angels, and he said goodbye to the world at 12.30 pm as he went peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge.

Bruce will always be missed and lovingly remembered by his mum Sandra, dad Enrich, siblings Lee and Tiny, and the many family members and friends who have known him all his life.

Bruce is now our canine guardian angel.

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