Cat: Baco (American Shorthair) – Lima, Peru

Pet Cat: Baco
Cat: Baco (American Shorthair) – Lima, Peru (Nov 1, 1999 – Sep 19, 2014)

My little, you came to our lives when I was hopeless because I lost another love in my life. You came in the perfect time, and you were so tiny and helpless.

Almost immediately, we became the best friends. You liked climbing curtains as your favorite sport for so many years, and you were the perfect study mate in all my university years.

Pet Cat: Baco

You had little friends too and our family was so complete because we had you. Your rabbit mates – first Mace, Lelouch and finally Nunnaly, and your turtle mate Ann. You showed us all your patience and your carefulness with your tiny mates.

Pet Cat: Baco

Sometimes you weren’t in the best mood but that is part of the life too. Your bravest soul fought until the end. We are going to miss you so much. However, we know you are in a better place now.

Pet Cat: Baco

You are going to meet again with Mace, Lelouch and the little fishes you cared for in your first years. You are going to be playing again, climbing curtains and maybe you can finally catch that little bird who always came to visit you and you just saw it flying.

Pet Cat: Baco

Thanks for all these beautiful years

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