Cat: Pebbles (Maine Coon) – Lakewood Park, FL

Cat: Pebbles (Maine Coon) – Lakewood Park, FL (2010 – June 25, 2014)

PEBBLES “6/25/2014”
I miss you so much & feel horrible for your early departure! It’s like a stabbing in my heart & soul!

I saw a cat lying on the side of the road & said,” These cats lay anywhere that’s pretty dangerous” not knowing it was you!! I would have picked you up gently & held you in my arms!! When I came back the cat was gone so I thought she ran off!!

I feel anger, hurt, pain, sad & mad!! But, I’m glad someone moved you over to the side & you got to be buried & I got to see you one last time!

When you were missing I prayed for me to find you no matter what & I did! You are the bestest friend I ever had! No one will ever replace you my lil mama! You’re in heaven resting now and I don’t have to worry anymore!

I still feel your warm presence around me! You brought me so much warmth & happiness in my heart when I needed it! You’re so adorable, mind, body & soul inside & out! I asked Jesus to make you my guardian angel & watch over me as you will always be my pretty special lil angel!

It’s hard to say goodbye so I’ll say goodnight for now, you will always be in my heart!

Love, Mireille & Arthur!!!!
R.I.P. My Angel!!

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