Cat: Katrina – Kissimmee, FL

Pet Cat: Katrina
Cat: Katrina – Kissimmee, FL (Born 1998 – Died April 21, 2014)

Katrina was a wonderful cat who loved to meow, in an innocent and friendly way. The type of meowing to ask for love and attention and you always gave it to her because she was so lovely. I always loved the cute grumbling noises she would always make and wow she was a loud eater and snorer. You would almost think it was a truck driver in the room when she would nap. lol.

As time went by Katrina developed health problems with almost blindness and around 80% deafness which means she became trapped in her own world. She would constantly walk into things but would always find her way around except she would become frightened when she jumped up on furniture about how she would get down, but always did. She would cry a lot of the time because she was trapped in the dark but was always brave every day of her life in how she met those challenges.

Never would you meet a Cat that was as loving, gentle and friendly as Katrina, simply not a bad bone in her body.

Sadly, Katrina passed at the age of 16. She had a great life full of love and happiness and even when she was in the poorest of health was always a joy to have around. She was a Cat that would always meow loudly in the early hours waking you up, amazingly that night the day she died…I didn’t sleep a wink. The world is a different place without her.

Rest in Peace Katrina.
1998 – 21st April, 2014

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