Dog: KoKo (Golden Retriever)

Pet Dog KoKo - Golden Retriever
Dog: KoKo – Golden Retriever (Dec 25, 1998 – Nov 14, 2013)

KoKo was the most loving pet that we have ever owned. We have been married 45 years and owned several pets over the years but none was more loving and caring than our KoKo!

He went wherever we went and was always right by our side. For a number of years I traveled with my job and my wife worked from home.

KoKo would lay right at her feet until she finished work. He was great company to her and she loved him dearly.

We had him cremated by a Pet Cremation Company nearby. They put him in a beautiful box. He now sits with us in our great room where we have his picture and his favorite collar.

We miss him so much but are thankful The Lord let us have him for almost 15 years.

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