Cat: Mittens Grondin – Franklin, MA

Pet Cat: Mittens Grondin
Mittens Grondin (Santa’s little elf 2012) Р(Born 2001 РDec 7, 2013)

Mittens Grondin died on December 7 2013 at 3:38 and she was 12 years old. Mittens suffered several strokes which incapacitated her health.

I took Mittens under my wings in 2001 when she was a small kitten. She was a tiny little kitten and could fit in the palm of my hands. She was the most lovable and caring cat. Mittens would not harm anything not even a bug or mouse.

She grew on everyone she met. She would always be around to get or give attention to anyone. She was a quiet and a playful cat. She never scratched the furniture or damaged anything in the house. She was very clean.

Every day, I came home she ran to the door to greet me with a purr. She always watched TV with me. Her favorite spot was the back of the couch or in my arms.

Mittens loved the Christmas Holiday. She would always get excited and Christmas day she would always wait for me to open the gifts at the tree. She would play with them all day. Christmas day she would have a twinkle in her eye and purr all day. I hope she lives that day in heaven forever.

Life is unfair to the goods ones.

She will always be remembered and in my heart forever.

I love you Baby Girl.

By Allen Grondin

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