Cat: Oliver (Ginger Moggie) – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Pet Cat: Oliver (Ginger Moggie)
Cat: Oliver (Ginger Moggie) – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
(Mar 1993 – Nov 5, 2013)

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Oliver Klozov, our beloved Ginger Moggie cat. We met Oliver (Ollie) at a Petland in 2008 as part of their rescue program.

We knew nothing about his history, but he had been shaved due to excessively matted fur, had most of his teeth pulled due to rotting and had a bandaged leg and a cone on his head from a wound that he wouldn’t leave alone. He looked like a science experiment gone wrong.

We thought we were giving him a good retirement home for his last few months in this world, however, he was kind enough to stay and love us for over 5 years. He told many stories about Old Mother Russia and his KGB ties back in the day.

He loved John Wayne movies and his T.V. programs, especially Perry Mason, Family Feud and Price is Right (although he wasn’t too keen on hearing every episode about neutering your pet, that brought back painful memories). He also loved having an evening cheese snack and a cuddle on the couch.

He had an exact time that cheese was to be served each evening and threatened to demonstrate his black ops training on us whenever we were late. Although we sometimes laughed at his threats, we all knew he could claw our eyeballs out in our sleep, if he so chose.

He took the best chair in our living room, the rocking chair, and claimed that as his own. Given his Russian military background, we didn’t protest and that chair was accepted as being Ollies bed.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to host the great Oliver Klozov. He will be deeply missed.

He is survived by his people family, Tish, Dean and Carmen, Miikka the dog and Smeagol the cat.

We all wish Ollie a peaceful rest and passing to the summerland.
Till we merry meet again, sweet Oliver.

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