Dog: Jada (Boston Terrier) – Nashville, TN

Pet Dog: Jada - Boston Terrier
Dog: Jada Jewel Dixon (Boston Terrier) – Nashville, TN
(Nov 30, 1997 – Aug 12, 2013)

Jada had my heart the moment I saw her.  We were best friends from the start. She was the definition of unconditional love.

My favorite things about her were her kisses, snuggles, playing ball, and her fun/smart personality.  I was very blessed to have her for over 15 years.

She had a great life, gave love, and knew she was loved.  Even in her old age she never lost her sweet little personality.

We can’t wait to see you again in Heaven.  I hope you play ball all the days of your life and get to share your love and kisses.

Until we see you again we will love you, miss you, and keep you in our heart!

Your mom and best friends,
Cherie, Caleb, and Brady

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