Dog: Millie (Collie Cross) – Dublin, Ireland

Pet Dog: Millie (Collie Cross)
Dog: Millie (Collie Cross) – Dublin, Ireland (Dec 23, 1997 – Jul 05, 2013)

Millie (Moomoo / The Gal) came into our family when she was 3 years old and gave us 13 glorious years. Millie was a rescue dog. We never looked on Millie as as a dog she was one of the family.

Santa/Easter Bunny and the birthday fairy all came to Millie as they did with our children and brought her special presents.

Old age also came and it did not come alone. In 2009 Millie got Cancer in the muscle of one of her back legs. It was successively treated but it came back in 2012. With the excellent attention of her vet, she lived a full life until July when Millie had to be put to sleep at home with all her family around her.

God please have a plenty supply of chocolate buttons and on Saturday night Millie loved some Kentucky Fried Chicken oh lots and lots of tennis balls and every night when she is going to bed give her cuddles, kisses loves and hugs.

Millie we will never forget you, we miss you so much and we light a candle every Friday night at 10.50pm.

We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge and we will all be together again. Love and kisses from Pa/Mara/Ross

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