Dog: Merlin (Great Dane) – Olivehurst CA

Dog: Pet Dog Merlin - Great Dane
Dog: Merlin (Great Dane) – Olivehurst CA (Feb 3, 2003 – Apr 2, 2013)

Merlin came to be a part of our family at 8 weeks old. He was nothing but all feet and a big heart was 1 very smart puppy.

He loved everyone and everything Merlin would stand for hours looking at the ground for bugs, and would bring me baby pigeons that would fall out the tree, wanting me to help them he was so gentle with them.

He had a very big sweet tooth and loved Halloween, as he would trick or treat along with the kids as well as Christmas and all the other Holidays and of course his Birthday.

Merlin never had a mean bone in his body. He brought so much joy to our family.

He will forever be in our hearts ….

I love you Merlin – till we meet again my buddy.

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