Dog: Ozzy (Pomeranian) – Shakopee, MN

Pet Dog: Ozzy - Pomeranian breed
Dog: Ozzy (Pomeranian) – Shakopee, MN (Mar 13, 2004 – Apr 1, 2013)

Ozzy was a full-blooded pomeranian, who without a doubt lived a full life. In his final days, he suffered from diabetes, sight-loss, and seizures.

He loved his “grape-guy”, and the indoors. Never one for walks, he would only travel about 2 blocks before just sittting down and quitting. Never wanting to do much of anything other than eat his bones and be left alone, he was always happy.

He moved 7 times in his life, and never once acted like he was out of place. Not fond of other dogs, he did manage to become very close with his fellow animals that he lived with. He would always eat his bones straight up and down, and always acted like it was quite normal.

Always letting smaller animals taking his toys and bones, he had a kind heart. He was always a bit lazy, but ready at a moments notice. He had many family and friends who loved him, and will never forget his goofy, carefree smile.

Bob, Debi, Derek, Steve, Jack, Charlene, Indy, Lola, Jessie, Eva, Hootie, and Sam, are all just a small fractions of the hearts you touched.

“Its been you, who with it I lived a life worth living”

“You are lost, but never forgotten”

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