Cat: Icabod (Icky) – Siamese Mix – NY, NY

Cat: Icabod (Icky) - Siamese Mix
Cat: Icabod (Icky) – Siamese Mix – NY, NY (Spring 1999 – Mar 11, 2013)

Icabod or Icky as he liked to be called, was a dear friend and family member. He brought joy and smiles to all who knew him and were fortunate enough to love him. Icky was not just a cat; he definitely had some human characteristics.

His relentless, unforgiving meow for food; the way he looked at you as if he were going to hold a conversation, the way he played with his saber claws on his giant cat tower which he loved. He truly was almost human. He was simply amazing.

What amazes me most is the joy he brought to one particular person – Dan; and the joy Dan brought to Icky. It was as if God made each of them for one another. Icky was very smart.

He knew the moment he laid eyes on Dan this was a forever relationship, a forever friendship a forever love. Their bond was special, unique and certainly unforgettable. Icky loved Dan and Dan loved Icky more than one could even dream up.

Icky sadly lost his battle against cancer on March 11th 2013 after a long hard fight with the help, patience, love and support of his best friend Dan.

We will forever miss you and hold your memory dear in our hearts, our minds and our dreams. We will always love you.

Rest in peace our dear friend.

Love Dan, Jess and Ember

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