Dog: Baby Kestle (American Bulldog) Walker, LA

Dog: Baby Kestle - pet American Bulldog.jpg
Dog: Baby Kestle (American Bulldog) Walker, LA (Died 06/16/2011)

Baby Evey was like, “I cant believe you adopted a full grown dog.” They asked if I thought you would ever hurt Bella, I said no. I knew after I looked in your big brown eyes, I could trust you.

Baby Kestle was an American Bulldog and the best four legged daughter ever. We had so much fun together.

You were the best behaved dog I have ever saw and I loved to take you in the car. You loved to ride.

Well now you are with nanny. Take care of her baby was beat when she confronted an intruder in our home. Sadly we didn’t know any thing was wrong until it was to late she had bad internal bleeding.

I wish they had stolen every thing but instead they took the one thing we couldn’t replace.

You will always be our baby girl.

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