Cat: Cali (Calico) – Etobicoke, Ontario Canada

Pet Cat: Cali (Calico)
Cat: Cali (Calico) – Etobicoke, Ontario Canada (Feb 14, 2000 – Dec 26, 2012)

Our little girl was special. Born to a much older momma cat on Valentines Day, and left to be abandoned to a shelter. We took her into our home, and nurtured her by hand.

She was so tiny, that she required help to get up and down stairs, so yes, she was spoiled and carried everywhere.

She loved to be held, and would sit in your arms all day and night if she could.

Cali was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, but there was an underlying problem and developed liver cancer.

She was suffering, and in so much pain, we had to let her go. We are all devastated as it happened so quickly.

If you could find it in your hearts to say a small prayer that she will be watched over by our Lord, I know she will bring peace, happiness and much love to where she is now.

God Bless you baby girl, our own “Cali-Wali” as we so affectionately called her.

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