Dog: Kodie (Australian Shepherd) Denver, CO

Pet Dog: Kodie - Australian Shepherd
Dog: Kodie ((Australian Shepherd) Denver, CO
(adopted Sep 2004 – Nov 5, 2012)

Kodie it was truly love at first sight when you stepped out of that crate. You were so beautiful, gentle and smart. We never tired of hearing the compliments or failed to marvel at how you could learn a new trick in three tries.

You gained your nickname of “perfect dog” for never misbehaving, and never leaving mommy or daddy’s side even when you had many opportunities. Coming home to your big brown eyes and frantically wagging nub of a tail was the best part of every day.

When Sam (dog #2) arrived, you tried to keep him in line and knew better than to join in his misadventures. You also put up with kitties who liked nothing better than to curl up for a nap on your feet and sneak bites out of your bowl.

When the human-babies came, you couldn’t help but give them a lick every time you entered the room. You let Elisa tug at your hair,and share your dog pillow even when there was no room. She’s been calling your name since her first few words, and while it’s painful to hear hear it now, I don’t want her to forget you.

We have dreaded this day for as long as we could remember but never thought it would come so quickly. It was every bit as painful as we imagined but we remind ourselves that your pain is now over.

We hope you and Ivan are sitting on your dog pillow comfortably together in heaven. We will truly miss you for the rest of our lives.

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