Cat: Kisa – Israel

Cat: Kisa a Ginger cat - Israel

Cat: Kisa – Israel (May 30, 2000 – Oct 23 2012)

Kisa lived with us more than twelve years. I took him when i still was in high school. He was a cute and smart ginger cat.

He loved liver and mangoes. He used to listen to our family conversations and he enjoyed his life a lot. When I was sick he always would come to comfort me. When I was crying he would worry and try to cheer me up.

He loved being stroked and brushed. He was a beautiful pampered cat. Five days before his death he stopped eating and drinking and he lost a lot of weight.

He could walk but he was very weak so he just laid down all day and didn’t recognize any of us. We took him to the vet, they said he had the last stage of diabetes and treatment probably won’t help.

He wasn’t in pain but he was suffering a lot. On October 23 we put him to sleep.

RIP Kisa … we will always remember you.

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