Cat: Maxx (Domestic – Shorthair Calico)

Pet Cat: Maxx - Domestic Shorthair Calico
Cat: Maxx (Domestic – Shorthair Calico) (2006 – Sept 19, 2012)

This beautiful, sweet cat was adopted from Animal Control in November 2009. We were told he was next in line to be put down. He was a delightful companion with an amazing, laidback personality.

We chose to allow him to go to sleep, one last time after he was gravely injured on Wednesday.
The ghost of Maxx will haunt me forever, I see him in everything I do around the house.

I’m so grateful that he was mine for the short time we had him, he enriched my life in so many ways. Saint Francis-Please watch over my baby.

RIP Maxx, I will love you forever.

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