Dog: Champ (German Shepherd) Havana, FL

Loving Pet Dog: Champ - German Shepherd - Havana, FL
Dog: Champ (German Shepherd) Havana, FL (Oct 2000 – Sept 18, 2012)

He graced our lives with 12 wonderful years. I walked to the fence at the breeder’s, and as an 8 week old pup he grabbed my finger with his small jaws, and wouldn’t let go. We knew we had found our dog.

In 2005, he had to undergo spinal surgery for a neurological condition which had left him immobile, and he could run, walk and play again.

As the years passed his condition slowly deteriorated, and the past few months he had to be helped getting around.

Lately he would keep falling, and I knew the look on his face……….”Daddy, I love you and mommy too, but I just can’t go on anymore.”

Rest in peace, buddy. We will forever love you, and we know you are in a much better place.

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