Cat: Samara (Himalayan Seal Point) – Montreal Quebec Canada

Pet Cat: Samara - Himalayan Seal Point
Cat: Samara (Himalayan Seal Point) – Montreal Quebec Canada

In loving memory of my beautiful & precious cat “Samara”

Born on August 19th, 1996 Died on June 30th 2012

Samara came into our lives when she was 5 weeks old. It was love at first sight, we loved her from the first moment we saw her. Looking into that little face, all I could say was “Oh My God look how cute she is.” Along with her cuteness came a beautiful personality with her sophisticated poses, an affectionate love and heart melting blue eyes.

She was great loving companion to my daughter in which at that time she was only 5 years old. Samara would let Marie-Ashley carry her as a stuff animal everywhere and never once complained. Regardless if Samara was Marie-Ashley’s pet; Samara was for me my baby, my pride and joy, and a precious family member.

She was the best thing that ever happened to me; we had a wonderful 15 years and 10 months together. Her loyal and devoted companionship became a significant and constant part of our lives. Samara was the perfect house pet, playful, calm, quiet and graceful, which it made that much easier to get along with Tinkerbelle (love bird) and Bailey (Yorkshire Terrier).

Samara losing you has put great pain in our hearts. You have left us so rapidly within 2 weeks; it broke our hearts to lose you, it was the hardest thing ever making that awful decision to end your life at Hôpital Vétérinaire Duvernay . It was devastating, traumatic and at the same time brought us relief and comfort in seeing you pass peacefully without pain, surrounded with the two most important people in your life that loved you so dearly.

We ensured that your passing was done with great honor and dignity. Will always remember the time 9:40pm when your soul went to heaven to a place called Rainbow Bridge. You will be happy playing and running with the rest of the animals there, but remember one small thing you are greatly missed from those you had to leave behind. They say that memories are golden, we will cherish your memories forever.

In life we loved you dearly, in death we will love you forever. There is not a day that passes and you are not in our minds, looking at your pictures, your favorite toy, hearing the bell sound that was attached to your collar necklace and the climber that Marie-Ashley built especially for you to look outside.  These memories are our gift for us that will last forever.

Remember “Samara” that in our hearts you will hold a special place that no one could ever fill, we love you and miss you like crazy Samara! Bailey had formed within these three years together a strong attachment to you and he too grieves your companionship.

P.S. Until one has not loved an animal, a part of their soul has remained awakened. Only a pet lover and owner may understand our grief, intense pain and that it’s not silly, crazy or overly sentimental to grieve!

With love always Antoinette and Marie-Ashley

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