Dog: Mini (Sheltie)

Dog Mini Sheltie
Dog: Mini Rea (Sheltie) – (Feb  1995 – Apr 25, 2012)

God sent me Mini to take care of and love way back in 1995. What a blessing it was and I am forever grateful. In the end I think back and realize that it was she who took care of me in so many ways.

17 years of loyal and devoted companionship Mini gave me. About the longest relationship I’ve had outside of my immediate family. Rarely did she leave my side or vice versa. Only towards the end was she too tired to give me the attention she once did. With understanding I let her rest; she deserved it after giving me so much.

The hardest decision I ever had to make was to let her rest for eternity, to send her back to God. But she returns with a full and happy life behind her. Mini was so loved and cherished while on this earth, God will be pleased.

I have many memories of our time together, that I will be comforted during this time of grief. Oh how she hated to be away from me. So much so she would howl the minute I left our house, and she did that up until her last day.

I remember too when we were in Dallas at my sister’s pool, she had to be on a floater near me. If I didn’t put her on one, she would run back and forth in the heat. Once on the floater, Mini was content.

Mini is also survived by her husband, Major. He is my male Sheltie whom I married her to not long ago. Major adored her, as she did him. I see the sadness in his eyes now, but with time he will move on as she would want him to.

Thank you Ms Mini for being such a wonderful companion, you enriched my life more than you will ever know. I hope you can look back and feel you made the right choice when picking out your “person.” I know I could not have picked a better pet.

Love you and miss you always


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