Dog: Blue Boy (Chow Chow) – Swansboro, NC

Pet Dog Blue Boy Chow Chow

Pet Dog Blue Boy Chow Chow
Dog: Blue Boy (Chow Chow) – Swansboro, NC (Mar 24, 1999 – Mar 10, 2012)

Blue Boy was the runt of nine and was feisty enough to find his place at feeding time. He was so small he could fit in the palm of one hand. He was the only pup we kept out of 3 litters.

His Mama came from NC and his Daddy came from SC and they both had the best temperaments and he was no exception. In his younger days he was a protector and loved to be close by.

As he grew older he preferred to spend time outside exploring and chasing squirrels back up the pecan trees. Then he became ill with kidney disease and so began frequent Dr. visits, meds, changes in diet and everyday life.

He was very easy to work with and so graceful with the changes he went through. I am so thankful that I have my own business and was able to help him 24/7 since I soon realized everyday was a gift. I miss him everyday and always will, for there is no love like the love of our little companions.

Run and play in the sunshine as you did in your younger days at Rainbow Bridge, till the day comes you see me there and we are reunited and cross Rainbow Bridge together.

Till we meet again my little buddy! We love you, Mommy and Daddy.

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