Cat: Ambrosias (Persian)

Cat: Ambrosias (Persian) – (1989 – Oct 28, 2011)

My precious family cat Ambrosias was put down this evening. I was at work when my mother called to let me know. My cat was 22 years old and he loved sleeping and snuggling with my mother and brother.

Ambrosias couldn’t walk anymore and he hadn’t ate in 3 days. They found out he had kidney failure and my mother put him down this evening.

He was placed in a little white box and my mother is going to have a little ceremony tomorrow for him at our house. He was the first animal we got and he was the last one to get sick.

R.I.P. Ambrosias -lover of playing with string and lazer pointers.

You will be missed. 22 years old you lived a long wonderful life! we will think of you everday. You were our first pet and the last one to get sick! Forever in our hearts!!

Jillian, Mom, Dad, Steve & Anna

p.s make sure you are good to Keesha she will take good care of you! xoxo

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