Dog: Salem (Golden Retriever) – Attleboro, MA

Pet dog Salem - Golden Retriever dog
Dog: Salem (Golden Retriever) – Attleboro, MA (05/11/2010 – 12/23/2010)

Salem was our beloved puppy. We thought we had found our little puppy from fate.
Away on a vacation in Salem, Mass, we found out about a litter of golden retriever puppies that were for sale in our town.

We put in a phone call in as soon as we heard, and we got the very last of the litter … the little runt.
From the moment we brought him home, Salem was one of the family.

Salem- we all miss you so much. You filled our hearts with joy.
You were a pain sometimes- stealing everything your little mouth could get on.
But we all miss it and would do anything to have you back in our lives.

You were taken too early. You had so much more to see.
Kasey and I wish we could take you down to the dog parks.
we wish we could take you for your first swim.

You may not have been with us long, but you will forever be in our hearts.
We still have your favorite raccoon, and the little red toy you had in your mouth when we picked you up.

You really were a little bundle of joy and love.
I know you never meant to be a pain. I know you never wanted to annoy anyone.
The house is not the same without you.

It has been months, and I still think about you every day … and wait for you to crawl up onto bed with me.
We always think of you when we drop ice cubes on the floor — knowing you would be there to clean them up.

You are our precious puppy. We couldn’t see you grow into an adult, but you have all our guardian angel dogs to help you grow up and keep you out of trouble.

I miss you, we all miss you.
Seeing you so sick broke our hearts,
and losing you is one of the hardest things I have had to go through.

I hope you know that even though you weren’t with us long, you were so much more than a pet.
You were family. You were our little baby Salem.
And you always will be.

-Jill, Kasey, Mom & Dad

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