Dog: Max – Swieqi, Malta

Pet dog Max - Swieqi, Malta
Dog: Max – Swieqi, Malta (03/2000 – 05/28/2011)

Max was everything to me – my baby, my companion, my friend. Ever since I took him home in a shoe-box, he gave me unconditional love and knew that he was loved in return.

Even when I told him off for getting under my feet, he’d come up to me and lick my hand. I’d give anything now to have him underfoot again. He was a very happy dog with an ever-wagging tail. I used to tell him that one of these days his tail would fall off from over-exertion!

Everybody who came in contact with Max fell in love with him, and he loved everyone in return. He was never happier than when somebody visited and he had somebody else to make a fuss of him. And, if they stopped stroking him, he’d lift their hand with his nose to make them do it again.

Although he was taking medication to slow down his heart-beat, his passing away was a shock because the deterioration in his health happened rather suddenly. He was lying happily watching TV with me on my bed one moment, and gasping for breath in the next.

I still cannot believe he is gone and expect him to come up to me, put his paw on my knee and lick away my tears, as he has often done. I never knew I could miss him so much.

I have many happy memories of the time spent with him and thank God for the 11 wonderful years I have enjoyed in his company, but I cannot forget the 8 agonizing hours it took him to die because it was late at night and I could not contact a vet.

Although, in the past years, I hoped I would not have to take the decision to put him to sleep, I would have willingly given him a lethal injection that night to put him out of his misery if I had it. I think the distress on his face will haunt me the rest of my life!

Rest in peace, Max. I hope you will find doggy companions to play with wherever you are.

No other dog can, or will, ever replace you. You are gone but will never be forgotten.

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