Dog: Callie – West Chester, Ohio

Dog - Callie
Dog: Callie – West Chester, Ohio (1998 – 04/28/2010)

Callie (or California Hollister Ann Blevins Jones ) was a Black Lab/Chow and was the best dog a person could have.

She was given to my family by a lady in our local newspaper looking for a home for her.

Callie and I developed a strong bond through out our eight years together. She always followed me around, loved car rides, and going shopping with her mommy!

I got married and had a baby. We had no choice but to move from Ohio to Texas because my husband was in the military.

But because she was a Chow mix, I could not take her to live with me since we had to get a apartment.

Not even two weeks after we left her in Ohio she passed away, not being with me anymore she mourned herself.

I love you Callie forever and ever and I am so sorry !

Where ever this obituary goes, it is the best I can do to honor my best and only true friend.

You never gave up on me during my hard times as a child and high school. I at least owe it to you, to do something.

You will always be my Miss Callie. I will never have another you !!!!

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