Dog: Zero – Gold Coast, Australia

Dog Zero - Golden Retriever
Dog: Zero – Gold Coast, Australia (02/28/1998 – 02/17/2010)

Loved by all, Zero (Golden Retriever) came into my life at the age of 10 weeks.  He was special from the beginning.  I call him an “Old Soul.”  He was never really a puppy.

Always smart, always alert and very giving.  Always by my side, never apart.

We had a terrible year.  First my husband David did the unthinkable and abandoned us for a young blond homewrecker in Tulsa.  Second – Zero was so lonely as David was Alpha and third I was left with nothing.

We coped – just. He had a stroke, was bitten by a Australian King Brown snake, and then had cancer.  He was given the best of care and the best of love, but in the end, I had to end it.

I could not let him suffer.  Way to special for my needs, but I miss him so.

I want all of this to be over, I have nothing left.  No kids, no home, David took it all and I want to go to the bridge, but that’s just to selfish.

Zero was my light, my life and I miss him so much.  I have had his ashes carbonised and waiting on his diamond.

He has his own portrait, his own special cross stitch that my best friend did and it took 3 years.  He has his own books and his own gold.

He is at the Rainbow Bridge and he is waiting for me, with Chyna, Spurt, Denise, Blanchie, Cleo, Marcus, Patra, and Simon.

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